Beauty and SPA: Massages & Co.

Delightful relaxation

Relaxing sounds, exotic accents, stimulating massages and pore-deep beauty treatments - in the Bellavista Beauty & SPA area, you rest, recharge your batteries and bring harmony to your body and soul. High-quality cosmetic lines, including Ligne St Barth, Team Dr. Joseph and Sothys provide soft care for your skin.

Massages & Co.

The time spent
getting a massage
is never wasted.

Information on booking & reservation:
Spa packages and treatments can be reserved at the hotel or spa reception. We recommend that you book the desired treatments when you make your room reservation.

Facial treatments
Dr. Joseph

Team Dr Jospeh

The world's finest herbs and raw materials find their place in the South Tyrolean natural cosmetics line Team Dr Joseph. Treat yourself to moments of beauty, health and well-being.

Intensive cleansing

Moist warm steam compresses gentle lymph stimulating massage, peeling, cleaning with cupping glass, deep cleaning, skin specific mask and day care.

50 min. 85 €
Deeply effective

Warm and moist steam compresses, gentle lymph stimulating massage, peeling, cleansing with cupping glass, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, special serum, modulated facial massage, intensive mask and individual final care.

80 min. 110 €
Intensive with biodynamic lifting

Warm, moist steam compresses, gentle lymph-stimulating massage, peeling, cleansing with cupping glass, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, special serum, bioenergetic lifting, massage, intensive mask and individual final care.

110 min. 139 €
Power Lifting for the man

Warm and moist steam compresses, gentle lymph-stimulating massage, peeling, deep cleansing, special serum, intensive mask and individual final care.

50 min. 85 €
Ligne St Barth

Sothys Paris

This prestigious cosmetic line was developed to promote pure beauty using highly-effective products of top quality for visible, long-lasting results.

Intensive Moisturizing Treatment

An intensive new generation treatment with Hydra Hyaluronic Acid 4, that provides the skin with intense hydration and preserves youth.

80 Min. 120 €
Jeunesse intensive treatment

This intensive anti-ageing treatment is personalised based on the degree of the skin’s ageing. It restores brightness to the face and has a lifting and anti-wrinkle effect.

80 Min. 125 €
Detox energie intensive treatment

This intensive treatment re-energizes your skin while making it brighter

80 Min. 120 €
Soin excellence Secrets de Sothys treatment

An intensive facial treatment against skin aging. It reduces fine lines, moisturizes and revitalizes the skin of the face and strengthens its defense potential.

80 Min. 150 €
"Homme" facial treatment für men

Mini facial treatment with Sothys products formulated especially for men. 50 minutes of wellness to detoxify the skin and to relax the body and the mind.

50 Min. 85 €
Ligne St Barth

Ligne St Barth

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean lightness: fragrant flowers, exotic fruits and the vastness of the ocean. All products are made on the island.

ST Barth Pureness

Gentle treatment of face, neck, décolleté and hands. Exfoliation, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, mask, hand massage and mango butter final treatment.

50 min. 88 €
ST Barth Freshness

Gentle treatment of face, neck, décolleté and hands. Exfoliation, deep cleansing, eyebrow shaping, facial massage with aloe vera gel and avocado oil, mask with pink clay and passion fruit, hand massage and mango butter final treatment.

80 min. 120 €
Beauty treatments

Eyebrows and eyelashes

  • Regulate eyebrows | 15 €
  • Dyeing eyebrows | 15 €
  • Dyeing eyelash | 25 €
  • Dyeing eyebrows and eyelashes | 35 €

Hand care

  • Manicure | 50 €
  • Manicure with nail polish | 55 €
  • Nail Polish | 20 €
  • UV-polish | 35 €
  • Manicure with UV-polish | 65 €
  • Removing UV-polish I 15€


  • Pedicure | 55 €
  • Pedicure with nail polish | 60 €
  • Pedicure deluxe with peeling and mask | 85 €
  • Pedicure with UV-polish | 75 €


  • Leg (whole) | 38 €
  • Leg to knee | 32 €
  • Arms | 15 €
  • Bikini zone | 20 €
  • Armpit | 15 €
  • Upper lip - chin | 10 €
  • Back or breast | 28 €
Ligne St Barth

Ligne St Barth

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean lightness: fragrant flowers, exotic fruits and the vast ocean. All products are made on the island.

St Barth Harmony

Enjoy a relaxing, gentle body massage with intensive care products specially tailored to your needs. You can choose between coconut oil, avocado oil and the three body creams: vanilla, tiare flower and lily.

50 min. 89 €
St Barth Slimness

The special massage technique supports microcirculation and stimulates the lymphatic system. A combination of ivy gel and body oil with camphor and menthol acts as a rapid relief and relaxation of your body and specially for heavy and swollen legs.

50 min. 89 €
Classic massage with arnica and St. John's wort

Complete body massage with slight movements to reduce muscle tensions.

50 min. 75 €
Sports Massage

An intensive massage for back and legs to prepare for sports or muscle relaxation after exercises.

50 min. 85 €
Aroma Massage

A gentle and relaxing full body massage with almond oil and essential oils of your choice.

50 min. 75 €
Anti-stress massage

This massage integrates body, mind and emotions. It is a valuable toll for relieving nervous tension and optimize the general state of wellbeing. Gentle body massage including face, neck and nape with aromatic oils of your choise.

50 min. 75 €
Vitalis Dr Joseph

Vitalis Dr Joseph

Exclusive natural products with high-quality herbs and products let your skin shine. Give your skin a special moment of well-being. VITALIS Dr. Joseph is your competent partner when it comes to sophisticated natural cosmetics.

Dynamic Recreation Back Massage

Sophisticated back program
An individually tailored massage, singing bowls and cupping glasses loosen tension in the back muscles and improve spinal dynamics.

50 min. 79 €
Deep Relaxing Stone Massage

The energy centres of the body are gently stimulated with warm basalt stones. The subsequent gentle massage with effective essential chakra oils strengthens the lymphatic activity and the body's own detoxification.

70 min. 99 €
Revitalizing and Strengthening Abdomen Treatment

Tummy Tightening ProgramThis
efficient body treatment helps to decongestion of the abdominal cavity, gently reduce the abdominal girth and tighten the abdominal wall.

40 min. 59 €
Relaxing Head and Neck Massage

Relaxing head-neck-shoulder massage
Special massage techniques and precisely effective plant extracts gently relieve tension in the head, neck and shoulder area.

50 min. 79 €
Ayurveda treatments
Ayurveda treatments

Bring your body back into balance. Let go and feel the harmony. Ayurveda can show us the way to our own roots …

Ayurvedic peeling

Herbal powder is processed with Ayurvedic oils to a warm paste. The peeling has a cleansing, smoothing and firming effect on the skin.

25 min. 59 €

During Abhyanga your whole body is gently oiled with ayurvedic herbal oil. The pleasant strokes on the whole body and the massage of certain marma points (= similar to acupressure points) as well as the relaxing head-face and foot massage let your body regenerate very deeply. Experience a heavenly state of deep calm, inner peace and lightness.

80 min. 125 €

The ayurvedic facial massage relaxes and pampers your senses, cares for the skin and relaxes the entire head area. The integrated head massage has an extremely calming effect on the nervous system and additionally releases tension.

40 min. 59 €

During the ayurvedic foot massage, warm oil is used to massage from the feet to the knees with integrated vital point grips, activating the self-healing powers.

40 min. 59 €
Body wrap
Body wrap

For a healthy, slim body, attractiveness, well-being and performance, an undisturbed lymphatic circulation and a functioning metabolism are of utmost importance!

Body wrap for a healthy & slim body

During application, about twenty different natural essential oils and extracts act on the skin and organism - among others citrus, orange, lavender, juniper berry, cinnamon, nettle. The wraps combat problem areas such as: overweight, cellulite, fat pads, sagging skin, water retention.

50 min. 60 €
Body peeling
Body peeling
Aroma sea salt peeling

With almond oil and essential oil.

25 min. 49 €
ST Barth Softness

Body peeling with sea sand, coconut oil, natural yoghurt and fresh papaya.

25 min. 49 €
Sothys Peeling with 3 salts

Restore a silky and radiant skin thanks to a mixture of salts from Himalaya, France and Dead Sea, and relaxing and tonifying essential oils.

25 min. 49 €
Body treatments
Sothys Paris
Sensation Orientales

Regenerating oriental-inspired ritual with a spice peeling performed with a clay stone. Followed by a nourishing massage with aromatic notes of myrrh and amber that make the skin silky and radiant, enveloping it with

80 Min. 120 €

Inspired by Japanese tradition, this treatment begins with a relaxing foot massage. A peeling with exfoliating gloves and a cherry blossom scented massage make the skin soft and silky.

80 Min. 120 €

A relaxing treatment to match your specific needs. A regenerating peeling following a relaxing massage with the aroma of your choice for a tailor-made sensory experience! Let yourself be seduced by these fragrances: lemon & bitter orange, orange blossom & cedar wood, cinnamon & ginger, “HOMME” fragrance for man.

80 Min. 120 €
Anti-Cellulite treatments
Sothys Paris
Soin signature minceur

For a redesigned silhouette. Slimming treatment with peeling, wrapping and massage.

80 Min. 170 €
Modelage minceur

Slimness massage to improve the silhouette and redesign the contours.

50 Min. 79 €
Packs & applications
Packs & applications

First, the chosen essence is applied, then you are wrapped in a soft fleece. The pores open and the application begins to take effect. The treatment ends with a soothing relaxing massage.

ST Barth Sensation

A creamy, silky wrap that provides intensive moisture. Choose your favourite scent from Bourbon Vanilla, Tiaré Blossom or Lily.

50 min. 85 €
ST Bart Elasticity

Purifying and firming body wrap with clay and pineapple or cucumber mousse, ivy, menthol, camphor and avocado oil.

50 min. 85 €
Aromatic baths
Aromatic baths

Relax and unwind in the luxury panoramic bathtub with the bath additive of your choice. Our tip: A peeling before and a massage afterwards will make your bathing experience perfect.

25 min. 1 pers. 44 € / 2 pers. 58 €
  • Sensual rose bath
  • Sensual orange bath
  • Activating mountain pine bath
  • Relaxing lavender bath
  • Purifying juniper bath
  • Exotic luxury bathroom
  • St Barth Dream
close aromatic baths
Couple treatments

Couple treatments

Seductive moments. Delightful wellbeing. Time for you and your partner. In our Private Spa Emotional Suite, couples & lovers can look forward to very special treatments ...

Alpine Harmony

Let yourself be carried away and experience the inner peace and relaxing power of the Alps. Enjoy a pleasant aroma peeling followed by a bath in the whirlpool tub. The skin is pampered with precious ingredients. A massage with warm oil extracts lets you escape from everyday life. The resting phase on our cosy waterbed and a glass of Prosecco are the perfect end for your treatment.

  • Purifying aroma peeling
  • Rose bath in the panorama tub Romeo & Juliet
  • 40-minute massage for couples
  • Time to relax in the waterbed
120 min. 2 pers. | 250 €
Caribbean Harmony

Exquisite elixirs will carry you into the world of Caribbean relaxation. While taking a relaxing bath, you can enjoy the scents and the tropic fruits. The pampering body massage is tailored to your needs. As a special finish, enjoy a fruity cocktail on our cosy waterbed.

  • Sea sand peeling for the couple (papaya, yoghurt, coconut)
  • Exotic dream bathroom
  • 40-minute pampering massage for the couple
  • Time to relax in the waterbed
120 min. 2 pers. | 290 €
Spa packages

Spa packages


Special highlight at Bellavista Emma? Our spa packages for several days! Perfect for: everyone who loves to feel good non-stop; everyone who wants to treat themselves to something new and who wants a break from everyday life.

Special massage
  • 1 treatment Aroma Sothys / 80 min.
  • 1 classi full body massage with arnica & st.John's wort
  • 1 sport massage
3 days 252 €
Anti-Cellulite package
  • 1 Soin Signature Minceur / 80 min.
  • 1 Beautyline body wrap
  • 1 Minceur Massage
3 days 251 €
Bella Vista Luxury Beauty Day
  • 1 St Barth Softness
    caring body peeling massage with coconut oil, fresh papaya and extra fine sea sand
  • 1 St Barth Elasticity
    body wrap with clay and fresh ingredients such as pineapple or cucumber
  • 1 St Barth Harmony
    Pampering body massage
  • 1 St Barth Pureness
    face and décolleté treatment with nourishing hand massage
2-3 days 280 €
close Luxury Beauty Day
For our little guests

For our
little guests

Who would like to become a true spa lover, should start early.
We therefore, also have all kinds of offers for our little guests. After all, we know exactly that a chocolate bath is a childhood dream come true ...


Bathing fun with whirlpool
  • Unicorn: I sparkle and smell like cotton candy.
  • Gummy Bear: I smell like fruity Gummi Bears
25 min. 1 pers. 38 € / 2 pers. 48 €
close bathing fun
Children massage
  • Classic: with almond oil
  • Glitter dream: with oil and glitter of your choice
25 min. 1 pers. 45 € / 2 pers. 80 €
Children treatment with chocolate
  • Chocolate bath
  • Chocolate massage
40 min. 1 pers. 55 € / 2 pers. 90 €
Alexa, masseuse & daughter of the house

Alexa, masseuse & daughter of the house

Bring body & mind back into balance and feel in perfect harmony with yourself - a massage, a spa or beauty treatment can work real wonders. At the Bellavista Beauty Spa, daughter Alexa is the MVP. She gained experience in leading 5-star as well as at the place of origin of Ayurveda itself, in Kerala (India).

Spa etiquette

  • Our team is at your disposal for personal questions and advice.
  • If you are pregnant or have health problems, please discuss these with your therapist before each treatment or please point them out when making an appointment.
  • Come dressed in a bathrobe and take a seat in the waiting room. You will be picked up by your therapist.
  • To get in the mood for your treatment, come to your appointment a few minutes earlier if possible. If you are late, we trust in your understanding that the course of treatment must be changed or shortened.
  • Please let us know at the latest the day before if you are unable to attend a treatment appointment. For later cancellations 50% of the price will be charged.
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A holiday at the Bellavista Emma holds many surprises. Send us your request and we will make you an offer that you simply cannot resist ...

Holiday offers
with a view

Spring magic in the Dolomites


Romantic vacation for couples...



3 nights from 396.00 € p. p.

Nature awakens to new life and the sun with its warm rays invites you to unique experiences in nature and to relax.


Emma's Family Hits Weeks

Emma's Family Hits Weeks


01.06.2024 - 30.06.2024

7 nights from 906,00 € p. p.

Top family offer: Two children up to 7 years of age can stay here, free of charge.

Hiking fun 7=6

Hiking fun


01.06.2024 - 28.06.2024
29.06.2024 - 28.07.2024
31.08.2024 - 21.09.2024


7 nights from 906,00 € p. p.

Open up your senses to a world of sights and sounds: Together with hiking leader, we will explore the legendary ...

Short Break Deluxe 4=3

Short Break Deluxe 4=3


02.06.2024 - 28.06.2024
15.09.2024 - 10.10.2024

4 nights from 453.00 € p. p.

A breeze of luxury, a little bit of romanticism and the fantastic view on the fabulous Dolomites expect you in the ...with arriving on sunday to thursday


Dolomiti Spring Days 7=6 Long

Dolomites Ski & Wellness

15.03.2025 - 22.03.2025
Sunny skiing and freee day on the slopes

7 nights from 954,00 € p. p.

  • 7 days stay for the price of 6
  • 6 days ski pass for the price of 5

3 days relaxation package

Short Break Deluxe 4=3


08.09.2024 - 13.10.2024

3 nights from 396.00 € p. p.

Take a short break from everyday life. It is the small and short moments of happiness that make our lives so unique.