Donkey farm in Terento

Lots of donkeys, dogs and cats, that’s what the donkey farm in Terento is all about - it offers donkey hikes and donkey trekkings.

Bonifaz, Kijana, Manitu, Amitola, these are only some of the names of a special attraction for families in the Val Pusteria: the donkey farm in Terento. This is where the intelligent animal that is also willing to learn is all about. By the way: at the donkey farm you can also book donkey trekking, a special experience for kids.

In these walks, the guests start walking with the leash of the donkey in the hand, the animal carries their bags. Either in half-day tours or in day tours, you can enjoy a walk to the sights in the surroundings, such as the earth pillars, to a mill in Marga or to the S. Margareth church, or also to the S. Zeno chapel. Special tours take you to the Astnerbergalm alpine pasture. Soon you are going to become acquainted with your four-legged friend. By the way, for kids a walk with donkeys is a special lesson as far as respect, patience and confidence are concerned. Particularly popular are also children’s birthdays, which can also be celebrated in the teepee, together with the donkeys.

And if you are not yet too familiar with the grey animals, you can first have a trial session with the donkeys. Afterwards you can listen to donkey stories and adventure stories in the rest area for donkeys. Almost all the tours can be booked the whole year round. However, you need to book the tours in advance. Enjoy your trip
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