Alpine Fango & Swiss Mountain Pine Baths

For Lovers of Alpine Tradition and Wellness, It's a Must
The Swiss Mountain Pine has an extraordinarily Alpine scent. In combination with natural and finely granulated sediments, it helps detoxify the skin. With an invigorating and fortifying effect, it is the basis for beautiful and healthy skin.

Apple & Rose Hips

Do Your Skin a Favor and Take a Sensual and Fruity Beauty Bath
Apples are rich in vitamins, minerals, pectins, and waxes – the ideal fruit for regenerating and caring for mature skin. In combination with the precious rose hip (the fruit of Rosa canina,) it is especially effective in enhancing the cellular regeneration of the skin and reducing the loss of moisture. Your skin will regain its elasticity.

Arnica & St. Johnswort

Feel the Invigorating Power of the Sun Plants
This health bath will provide your tired joints and muscles with new fitness. The power of the complex of active ingredients in Arnica and St. Johnswort helps reduce stress and relieve tensions.

Field Thyme & Stone Pine

Detoxify Your Body and Enjoy Peaceful Relaxation
Field Thyme invigorates the skin's metabolism, fortifies the nerves, and promotes the circulation of blood in the skin. Combined with the regulating effect of the essence of Stone Pine on your circulatory system and general well-being, this health bath will fortify not only your respiration, but in particular your nerves, too.

Hay Flowers & Juniper Bath

You'll Feel Reborn, Relaxed, and Strengthened
Select herbs gathered from high-altitude Alpine meadows in South Tyrol and the magical power of Juniper will boost your sense of well-being. Feel the fatigue slip away!


Pot Marigold & Chamomile

For Care and Treatment of Stressed Skin
Pot Marigold (Calendula officinalis) & Chamomile activate the cellular regeneration of the skin and help to soothe irritated skin: Your complexion will seem fresher, and dry skin will regain its smoothness and suppleness. Your skin will radiate a healthy glow!

St. Barth - Elasticity

Body Pack with Clay and Pineapple or Cucumber Mousse
Intensive body care to enhance your complexion through the application of valuable minerals and vitamins naturally present in clay earth and fresh pineapple or cucumber mousse. Ivy, menthol, and camphor activate your tissues and help them rid themselves of waste products. Cold-pressed avocado oil delivers important nutrients to your tissues. The result is a visibly smoother and more-supple skin structure.

Wine & Sea Buckthorn Bath

Pure Regeneration– Experience a New Skin Sensation
A veritable vitamin cocktail, with carotinoids, hexadecanic acids, and procyanidines acting in concert in the Wine & Sea Buckthorn Bath to protect your skin against oxidative stress. They promote a pleasant, silky skin texture.

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