Exotic Beauty Baths with Ligne St. Barth

Relaxing and intensive-care beauty baths on the basis of our extra-mild shower gel, in combination with coconut-vanilla, avocado-tiaré, coconut-lily, or a favorite blend of exotic oils and lotions we've created ourselves. Enjoy the Caribbean scents which help to supply the skin with valuable minerals and vitamins. This mild and soothing beauty bath will give your skin a long-term radiance.

Juniper-anti cellulite bath

Did you sweat in the bath and then after this for 1 or 2 hour more?
This is the effect of juniper. This old household remedy has also the effect of increases blood flow. 
So it is a good start for a slight weekend. 

Lavender - relaxation - bath

Lavendar - lavare - to wash: the originie using of lavendar we will find in the using of bath essences and bath oils.
Lavendar has not only a very good smell, but has also a relaxing effect.

Mountain pine bath - stimulate bath

Mountain pine has the effect to remove slime and to dehydrate and to relax the muscles.

Orange flower bath - sensual bath

This bath will care your sensitive skin.

Rose flower bath - sensual bath

The rose flower bath is a relief for your body and soul. The reassuring ingredients will pamper your skin.
And also the fine fragrance will caressing your sense.

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