Adrenaline Adventures

What is it?
An explosion of adrenaline! Yes, the name Adrenaline could not be more appropriate.

Zip-line is the name of this extreme adventure which frames the excitement of a thrilling flight within a breathtaking backdrop, immersed in the green heart of the Dolomites, fastened to a cable 100 metres high, sliding speedily towards the valley, with the wind in your hair and your heartbeat going off the scale!! The most panoramic journey in Europe, nestled within the Dolomites in one of the most sought-after locations in the world for landscapes and nature parks. San Vigilio di Marebbe, an oasis of unspoilt nature: immersed within it, you will experience a unique and unforgettable sense of excitement, as you face up to a drop of a good 400 metres over 3 kilometres, the steepest in the

Why Adrenaline?

Adrenaline is the substance which our body produces in situations of extreme excitement, giving us a sudden extra strength, which allows us to deal with extreme situations. Your heart beats stronger, your breath seems to disappear, your sweat becomes frosty and suddenly you feel strong, brave and capable of everything. This is the feeling that the Zip-line arouses and make you experience.

Our main purpose is to help you relive those sensations from another time, through this adventure, filled with adrenaline. We assure you, that it is a worthwhile experience for everybody: those who are young (and less so), boys and girls, families and indeed anyone who wants to appreciate the thrill of this flight, made safe by cables using appropriate harnesses, guided by expert instructors who will make you feel secure and in total harmony with our marvellous natural environment.

Our challenge…

To build the most extensive park in Europe, in an area where Nature is the most precious and respected resource, is an almost impossible undertaking. “Almost” because we have succeeded in doing so. This has not been done without sacrifices, and is especially down to our deep respect of our mountains’ natural environment, combined with strict observance of the most rigid European regulations in the domains of safety and environmental protection.
Adrenaline Adventures
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